Written by Karin Nilsson

Why do we go to work in the morning? Personally, it is to save the world. Not like a firefighter, a nurse or a climate-change activist, I admit, but after my own fashion. I believe in sharing knowledge, you see.

Many people do not generally think of a museum as a source of knowledge. A museum is thought either too entertaining or too boring to have to do with knowledge. And, yet, museums give us insights into the past and the present, encouraging us to look at the future. That is the kind of knowledge that just might change the world.

Is that exaggerating? Well, in a way. But what if we did not share our knowledge? Anyone could disregard the facts and re-model our past according to their own wishes. That could also change the world. It has happened all too often. History tells us that. The past is a tool in the present, no matter how we look at it. Knowledge is power. And we have a way of sharing.

The digital medium is the fastest and the most encompassing way of distributing knowledge and power in the history of mankind. The digital medium could be the most democratic way of sharing it, if we share and share alike. We all know that there are many difficulties, many ifs and buts. That should not discourage us from trying, however. We could all change a small part of the world if we try. That is why I go to work.