About the Agency

National Historical Museums is tasked with promoting knowledge of and interest in Sweden’s history and with preserving and developing the cultural heritage that the agency administers. Our operations are to be a matter of interest for everyone in society.

Our work acknowledges that everyone is of equal value and it contributes to the democratic development of society. Our operations are to be accessible to everyone and we are to treat everyone equally, irrespective of their background, understanding, views and physical capabilities.

Our operations are rooted in our collections and environments, and in sound knowledge of these. We conserve and manage collections and environments for present and future generations. Our collections are expected to give rise to many interpretations and reinterpretations of history. With different perspectives, on the past and the present, we help to foster a reflective approach to history.

Cultural heritage is a social resource that is activated in the interface with the user. In an inquisitive and exploratory dialogue, we create relationships that bring our operations greater breadth and depth. Our operations are to be defined by an openness to participation and co-creation and offer people an opportunity to be inspired and to see new possibilities. Using cultural heritage is what makes it vital!

The agency has an Advisory Council. The task of the council is primarily to contribute knowledge, competence and diversity to the agency, to give the Director General advice and support and to meet the need for democratic oversight of and public influence over the agency’s operations.